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EponaShoe is the premier composite shoe for the health and longevity of your horse. Our shoes are designed to benefit any horse by using high tech polyurethane materials to create a shoe which can flex with the hoof. It has a built-in softer pad on the sole side to offer healthful natural support while avoiding any pressure points on the frog or sole. After a career of studying Equine Biomechanics and the way horses behave in nature, a horse owner, frustrated with the way her beloved Stallion’s chronic lameness was being treated, invented the EponaShoe. Scientifically proven and tested to allow the horse to move with more natural biomechanics, EponaShoe benefits the health of the whole horse and may extend the riding career of most performance horses.

Horses of all disciplines have tried and loved the EponaShoe. Whether it be a western event, dressage, trail, endurance, eventing, ranching, or just a pleasure ride; the EponaShoe gives a horse unmatched comfort by simulating the conditions under which horses would naturally maintain their hooves.

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