Testimonials from Owners, Farriers, Trainers, and Veterinarians.

"I just got done using EponaShoes in a rather unusual application. I was serving as an outrider for the Territorial Express stagecoach run from Longview to Olympia, WA (90 miles over 3 days, all of it on pavement.) Quite possibly these shoes saved my horse from being lamed because the pace was much faster than I had been led to expect. My horse moved beautifully in them, they stayed on tight and the shoes offered good traction, even going downhill. Your instructional video was great and my farrier had no problem nailing the shoes on." --- Ken Morris, Owner, OR.

"I love your product and recommend it highly to all of my horse colleagues. I consider it the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING I've ever done for the health and well-being of my horse. I will never put another pair of iron shoes on him again." --- Pam Cox, Owner, CA.

"My horse and I finished the 100-mile Tevis in 2007 in 19 hours in EponaShoes. Previously we had lots of foot problems (low heels, sore feet) on any rough surface. We have been in EponaShoes for almost a year. His feet look terrific and the heels are no longer low, and we are very happy being on EponaShoes." --- Patty Hawes, Owner and Endurance Rider, CA.

"We’ve been riding with EponaShoes on the front for the past month and LOVE them! My usually lazy horse is very forward now, not hugging the side of the trail to keep away from rocks, hard ground, etc. Now she’s straight down the middle of the trail, and can go forever! Thanks for a great product that has made my horse an even happier trail buddy!" --- Missy Libby, Owner, ME.

"We are impressed by how well they stay on without shifting, especially in the hind end and no flip-flopping. I did the Foxcatcher 50 mile endurance ride in Maryland and came through the ride fine. Cezzanne's legs looked great and no windpuffs. I plan on ordering more for the Old Dominion 60 endurance ride in Virginia." --- Diane Brosious, Owner and Endurance Rider, NJ.

"I don't normally send these types of letters, but this is the best of the synthetic shoes that I have found. I have worked with several of the different brands of poly shoes and have found the EponaShoe to offer the best support and the most comfort to the horse. I have put them on horses that had run the gamut of shoes for navicular and the horse was still unsound, but the day after the EponaShoe was put on the horse, it was sound and running and remains sound to this day. I am glad somebody hit the nail on the head, because these guys have hit on out of the park with these shoes." --- Scott Warren, Farrier, KS.

"EponaShoes have made all the difference in the world for my horse. They have allowed my navicular quarter horse to be able to do six hour mountain trail rides. Thank you for your product." --- Bill O'Brien, Owner, CA.

"I'm currently using EponaShoes on a recovered foundered Fresian Mare who lives in a very large pasture with a pond. The shoes have held up beyond any expectation. The feet look good and wear on shoes is minimal. Horse is sound and runs and plays; also is being worked and remains solid. She took about 1 year to derotate P3 and has just done very well in the EponaShoe. I would recommend them to use in all Equine disciplines." --- Lance Bland, Farrier, TX.

"The shoes worked great on my mare -- she is feeling great with them. It's a great product." --- Santiago Garcia, Veterinarian, Mexico.

"I just want to tell you how impressed my farrier and I are with your shoes. My mare's frog had no contact with the ground, and required almost 1" of packing. After 7 weeks the farrier removed the shoes and was able to trim her almost level. She required replacement of about 1/4" deep packing with the reset of the shoes. Additionally, I noticed the front of the shoe worn in a very natural breakover pattern. She is walking, trotting and even cantering in sand working one to two hours with only 2 grams of Bute prior to the ride. I was afraid I was going to have to put my mare down, or do a neurectomy due to the severity of her Navicular disease. Can't thank you enough for developing these shoes." --- Rebecca Bleimeyer, Owner, NM.

"We saw the EponaShoe in the magazine 'The Hoof' in Europe. My farrier suggested I try this Shoe once. My mare, who long suffered from a mis-diagnosed illness originating with tick bites, needed help. She was barefoot for a while, then later we tried all kinds of shoeing (conventionally fit, heartbar, iron with pad, Vettec, etc...). Nothing helped her. Then EponaShoe came and after only 2 weeks we could train again! Enormous progress has been made and the defects in the hooves are diminishing. It feels totally good. I could hardly believe that she went better and better. I have now fit *all* my horses with EponaShoe. All run more comfortably and more flexibly. My farrier now has other horses in EponaShoe and all run better and the other owners believe - like I do - in a Wonder!!! Finally I can only say that my mare's life is saved, because without EponaShoe we would have had to give up sometime!!! Cordial thanks to the EponaShoe team from me and my mare." --- Brigitta Aggeler, Owner, Switzerland.

"My test case for EponaShoes is an Akhal Teke mare with severe founder due to retained placenta. She was rotated 20+ degrees and had very little foot to work with. She has been wearing EponaShoes for 6 months with improvement at every reset. EponaShoes are great for protecting P3 and absorbing concussion while a hoof heals itself. With increased activity and blood flow, she is growing healthy hoof to work with. The mare's owner joyfully reports trotting and cantering, an improvement from painful hobbling a few months ago." --- Ruthie Thompson-Klein, Farrier, WA.

"I truly am pleased with your product. After trying multiple shoeing techniques for a horses with under run heels, negative solar planes, and constant sore feet, I was very impressed at the comfort level that your shoes provided. My first "test" case was my own horse, and within four days, he became comfortable. What surprised me was that he was negative to hoof tester. Prior to the use of your shoes, he routinely was painful over the middle of the frog and the heels. That was a dramatic change for one shoeing! Needless to say, I will continue using your shoes on him. I am eager to try them on similar cases." --- Cindi LaCroix, DVM, AZ.

"My farrier and I are both impressed with the EponaShoe. The many "in-between" sizes make them a good fit for my horse. I am a member of the Orlando Police Mounted Posse and these shoes have kept my horse sound and slip-free on the pavement during patrol and parades. He also travels very naturally and sure-footed in them. I look forward to competing him in his first endurance ride this summer in the EponaShoes." --- Becky Siler, Owner, FL.

"As a veterinarian working with laminitic horses, I have found the EponaShoe to be very helpful in cases where hoof wall instability is an issue. The EponaShoe allows for flexible distribution of the weight-bearing tissues of the hoof, affording comfort to the traumatized tissue." --- Andrea E. Floyd, DVM, VA.

"Thank you so much for designing a shoe that allows me to help my client’s foundered horses return to usefulness! Every horse I’ve used these shoes on has improved immensely and the owners report that the horses are galloping freely in their paddocks and many have returned to being used under saddle! There is no feeling in the world comparable to the joy of seeing a horse go from hobbling across grass to galloping down the hardpan road! The durability of these shoes is absolutely amazing!" --- Kim Hillegas, Farrier, FL.

"My horse had foundered with a P3 rotation of about 15 degrees. My farrier suggested the EponaShoe. I was so amazed with the results just after the first day. My mare was up standing and wanting to eat. At three days, she was trotting around her paddock, and within the first week she was bucking and chasing her paddock mate. The results were so amazing, I wanted to write and thank you myself. Thank you for a fantastic product. I would and will recommend it to everyone." --- Gayle Kelly, Owner, CA.

"Thanks again for your help in getting the little guy situated with his EponaShoes! They are the best aid for him and he's actually playing again." --- Rosi Morris-Dieball, Owner, CA.

"I really like the EponaShoes. Tevis is a very rocky ride and Cady had no soreness at all in his feet. He finished the 100 miles sound and happy. The shoes held up very well -- better than I expected."--- Debby Lyon, Owner and Endurance Rider, CA.

"I put then on my own horse who has a slightly dropped coffin bone, club feet and thin soles and hoof wall. He has been very comfortable in the shoe and so I will start using it in my farrier business." --- Rusty Harrington, Farrier, Seattle, WA.

"I'm a new convert to the EponaShoe. My thoroughbred horse was diagnosed with Navicular at the age of 8 just a year ago. After much research, I dove headlong into the world of barefoot horse trimming. While I believe we made enormous progress in his hoof quality and condition, he was just never comfortable with no shoes. Joey has now had EponaShoes on for nearly 6 weeks and the change is dramatic. He was obviously sound the day the farrier came out. Within 3 days I struggled to see any sign of a limp. He is probably about 90% now. I'm hoping and praying that we'll come the other 10% over the next couple shoe cycles. I am so pleased with your product. No other shoe offers such a "natural" hoof function. I'm telling everyone I know about them because I just can't see a good reason to stay in a metal shoe with this product available." --- Traci Adams, Owner, CA.

"I have been a certified journeyman blacksmith since 1972 and have seen many new ideas, products, and shoeing techniques come and go. I have always kept an open mind and continue to search for information and products that will benefit the horses which veterinarians refer to me. My success rate with my orthopedic clients has risen to an incredible 98% since applying the EponaShoe and utilizing Metron. Of course, the real reward is with the owners who see their horses come back to soundness and health and to watch a horse so lame from founder or navicular syndrome run in an arena and turning in tight circles. Also, the veterinarians I work closely with now have an alternative to offer their clients. Thank you for your continuing research and dedication to the health and welfare of the horse." --- Mary Renner, Farrier, San Miguel, CA.

"Finally! A polyurethane shoe that works and does what it's supposed to do. Very user (farrier) friendly with sizing and shape that fit most feet with little to no pre-shaping. Comes pre-sanded and glue ready too! I've seen excellent results on a wide variety of feet in a short period of time." --- Loren Warner, Farrier, Saugus, CA.

"All three of my dressage horses wear EponaShoes because I think it is the best available solution for the well-being of the horses. They don't have soundness issues, and I want to keep it that way." --- Hilo Nick, Owner, CA.

"For my flat- and tenderfooted 20-year-old Thoroughbred the EponaShoe must feel like walking on Birkenstocks after having to motor around in wooden clogs all his life! As soon as we first put them on, he for the first time since I had him didn't mind to walk on the hard, rocky, and uneven trails he has to put up with here. He finally went back to fooling around on pasture, making it hard for my three-year-old to keep up with him! Great product, great service - Thanks!" --- Dorothee Janssen, DVM, NY.

"I've been impressed with the change in my mare Runaway Val's condition and correctness after 3 shoeings with this new product. I would consider it for horses at the track that were not correct or had soundness problems." --- Tom Thom, Race Horse Owner, CA.

"With only three shoeings with EponaShoe we have dramatic progress in correcting issues that traditional methods could not successfully address. We are on the path to healthy hooves, a happy horse, and our return to the dressage court thanks to the team of our devoted farrier and EponaShoe." --- Joy Ory, Owner, CA.

"I have had great results using the EponaShoe. I have put them on all kinds of horses: Arabian champions, competing reigning horses, dressage horses, and others. It's a great shoe for 'therapeutic cases' but it's also a good shoe to keep sound horses sound." --- Brian Giangrande, Farrier, Nipomo, CA.

"Our 23 year old Quarter Horse was "EponaShoe-d". The result - a serious lameness has been completely cured. Now he's a healthy & happy horse back "running the trails" ...thanks EponaShoe!!" --- Jessy & Ken Richards, Owners, CA.

"I'm very grateful to have been introduced to the EponaShoe and their developers by a respected farrier friend. While my horse started life with really nice big feet, the quality of his hooves had deteriorated over the years - his soles had thinned, and his heels had become underrun and narrowed in spite of an excellent farrier applying all the normal traditional corrective remedies. I was concerned that my FEI dressage horse was heading for early retirement! In a few shoeings, the EponaShoe team and my farrier have produced truly amazing results in overall hoof quality, increased heel width and elimination of hoof wall distortions. Best of all, my horse is happy and comfortable, and back to a normal training schedule with a bright future ahead. No more metal shoes for any of my horses again." --- Mary Hampton, Owner/Trainer, CA.

"LeCoeur and I are going for our USDF silver medal this year in dressage. Of course, LeCoeur had the training for this but was not 100% comfortable. Thanks to your shoes he is happy and sound with minimal chemical support. A little bit of bute and he is one happy boy --- doing pirouettes at 20 years old -- pretty amazing! The quality of his foot has the vet in awe, and we have decided not to inject his hocks this year because he doesn't seem to need it. My other horse Casey has had nothing but horrible problems with her feet from day one. We tried bar shoes, various pads and wedges along with supplements, vitamins and lotions. She was diagnosed as having very thin soles, crushed heels and no circulation in her hooves. I wasn't given a lot of hope from the vet. After putting her on EponaShoes for 10 months she was a new horse. I really appreciate you helping me through the bad times when we had abscess after abscess. You kept reminding me that all that bruised, damaged tissue had to grow out. I think it is pretty much gone now because we have suspension, bucking and a very content little mare. I thank you and heaven knows my horses thank you for helping make them comfortable." --- Amy Vecchio, Owner, CA.

"I am writing to express my gratitude concerning the EponaShoe. Your product has not only improved the quality of my horse's life, it may have well saved him. About 10 months ago, my horse's coffin bone rotated to the point where he was in danger of losing his life. My vet said his prognosis was "GRIM". My friend's farrier took a look at my horse and suggested we try the EponaShoe. Now a mere 10 months later, I am riding my horse! Not just walking and trotting, but cantering too. His life and his feet have been completely changed. His rate of growth due to your product has increased so dramatically that we have to check his feet every 3 to 4 weeks. I can not thank you enough, you have an excellent product, which I am sure will help many horses just like mine." --- Karla Mueller, Owner, CA.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I loved the plastic shoes. Kiwi, as you know was lame and I was having all kinds of problems with her. I took her to the vet with no satisfaction, but when we put your shoes on her she was so much better. I remember walking her around after she got her new shoes on and she was so visibly out of pain. Right then and there I was convinced that I had made the right decision. Thank you so much for all of your help, information, and for showing Dennis the farrier how to best use your product. We all benefited, but Kiwi, I would say, was the one who benefited the most. She is most grateful to be out of pain." --- Suzanne DiSanti, Owner, CA.

"After many months of handling and training horses in EponaShoes, I have to tell you, I am impressed and grateful. I have worked with several competent farriers in my 24+ years of horse training. Only in a few cases did I find long term results with metal shoes (all they could offer) when trying to find a solution. Lately, I have seen and felt numerous horses with foot discomforts find consistent relief in your shoes. I feel that your shoes combined with packing and proper trimming help protect, support, and maintain the health of their hooves. In order for a horse to advance willingly and progressively, his physical comfort must be maintained. EponaShoes have been a big help in making my job easier." --- Kitt Jenae, Trainer & Owner, CA.

"I am very enthused at my horse's ability to move more naturally and freely. He is also healing from the check ligament injury that occurred last year. Thank you for a wonderful product!" --- Linda Walden, Owner, CA.

"I am writing to let you know how grateful I am to have found your EponaShoe. My horse was immediately more comfortable once in the EponaShoe. With the first shoeing the difference was easily apparent. We have used the EponaShoe now for seven months, and I have a much happier horse. I cannot thank you enough for providing a much needed product." --- Kim Phelps, Owner, CA.

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