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Making sure your performance horse is comfortable and has the best care possible starts from the ground up. EponaShoe offers unmatched frog support and flexibility. Shock absorption from the special polymer blend is easier on the horse’s joints, extending the riding career of the performance horse.

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Based on Science, Proven by Champions

Designed and created by the Epona-Institute, EponaShoes have been tested on hundreds of horses over a period of twelve years. Scientific case studies and the success of horses in these shoes, prove that EponaShoe is the best option for the health and longevity of performance horses.

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Proven Treatment for Common Lameness

With special application of glue and packing, and a few insider tricks developed by the Epona-Institute, EponaShoes can easily be transformed into a Therapeutic shoe. EponaShoe has proven success in treating heel pain, flat soles, navicular, ringbone, laminitis, and founder. View case studies now.

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The Epona Method

The “Epona Method” refers to a holistic approach to the use of the EponaShoe which includes more than just the shoe itself. No shoe, on its own, will solve the various problems a farrier encounters. The Epona Method is comprised of the method of trimming, the packing, how the shoe is placed on the foot, and also the use of Metron software to evaluate and track changes in the hoof. Attendees of our clinics will be exposed to this whole system.

For more information on the Metron software, please see

For more tips on applying EponaShoes or additional suggestions for how to nail or glue, visit our resources page or check out the video clips on the EponaShoe channel on Youtube. 

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"I love your product and recommend it highly to all of my horse colleagues. I consider it the single most important thing I've ever done for the health and well-being of my horse. I will never put another pair of iron shoes on him again."

Pam Cox, Owner, CA

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