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Equibond has been used for years to apply horseshoes. Equibond is a two-part acrylic glue.

A special "gun" is needed to apply the glue. Mixing tips screw onto the glue tube and mix the two parts as they come out of the tube.

You must wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area when using the glue.

Equibond Glue
14 ounces = 420 ml tube

Glue Gun and Mixing Tip



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"I have been using your Packing material along with your antibacterial Granules. Even here in the humid, boggy Deep South I have never pulled a shoe off and found thrush! The packing material has been a wonderful product to incorporate when offering sole support and cushioning. It is very easy to use (no choking fumes, tubes, tips or mixing guns) and the results are giving back the owners a sound, happy horse! Thank you for ALL your great products!"

Kim Hillegas, farrier, FL