Do you have more in-depth questions or want to discuss a specific horse's case?

Monique Craig has been acting as a farrier-consultant over the past several years. Monique communicates with all caregivers including vets, farriers and horse owners.

Monique is not a veterinarian, and so she will not make a diagnosis. She focuses on the trim of the hoof and the shoeing system with a specialization in biomechnical measurements of the hoof (angles, thicknesses, lengths, etc).

  • Package A: Have X-rays and radiographs reviewed by Monique Craig. Get recommended treatment plan via phone and email correspondence. $65.00
  • Package B: Bring your horse to the Epona Institute. Take x-rays and radiographs under veterinary supervision. Get recommended treatment plan. $150.00
  • Package C: Bring your horse to the Epona Institute. Have your horse diagnosed and treated by Epona farriers and veterinarian. $150.00 plus shoeing and veterinary charges

Pre-Consultation Requirements

  1. Make Appointment - email
  2. Send photos and radiographs - instructions on how to properly take photos and radiographs will be posted soon