EponaShoe Packing

Our packing is a silicon-based two-part formula that can be mixed by hand. It has been "tuned" for the job of providing sole support for horses, especially when used with the EponaShoe. Using this packing under the EponaShoe forms a "gasket" and no rocks or other debris can get between the shoe and the sole.

We also sell all-natural Anti-Bacterial Granules which can be hand-mixed into the packing to aid in suppressing bacterial growth under the hoof during the shoeing interval.


Hoof Pack - Part A

Hoof Pack - Part B

Anti-Bacterial Granules


When you order 2 pounds of packing, you get two 1-pound containers. We now offer a large, economical size which is 4 pounds of packing (two 2-pound containers).