Recommended Method of Application
Any Farrier can nail on EponaShoes with no special tools required. But, EponaShoes can also be glued or cast on for rehab or therapeutic purposes. Application methods will vary based on farrier styles and the needs of individual horses. We like to glue plus set 2-4 nails (half the nail damage!), and never lose a shoe!

The Epona-Institute recommends the following application method that combines both glue and nails for optimal performance results from the EponaShoe.

1) Trim the hoof as you normally would. (Learn more about "The Epona Trim" at

2) Apply the 2-part silicon based EponaShoe Packing by hand around the frog, to simulate the natural frog support that horses in nature would get from their feet being packed with dirt or mud.  Mother nature intended the hoof and internal structures of the sole be supported in this way.  Applying EponaShoe Packing yields a quick, easy, and cost-effective means of achieving sole support.  To fend off the “yuckies”, we recommend mixing a small amount of EponaShoe Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Fungal granules in with the packing.

3) Flatten the packing completely by allowing the horse to stand on a paper towel for 15-30 seconds.

4A ) Apply the EponaShoe with traditional nails if the hoof has good walls and no special issues, or...

4B) Apply the EponaShoes with EquiBond Fast-Set Glue. This is a well-known two-part methacrylate glue which we have had success with for many years. To maximize longevity of the shoe, use 2-4 strategically placed nails in addition to the glue. Half the nail damage of traditional shoeing methods, and never lose a shoe!

5) Ride your comfortably shod horse!

For more tips on applying EponaShoes or additional suggestions for how to nail or glue, visit our resources page or check out the videos.

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From recreational mounts to horses at the height of their competitive careers, the EponaShoe has proven beneficial across all disciplines.

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