Designed for Horses. Built to Work.

EponaShoe is the premier composite shoe for the health and longevity of your horse. Our shoes are designed to benefit any horse by using high tech polyurethane materials to create a shoe which can flex with the hoof.

A Sound Horse a Longer Riding Career.


Horses of all disciplines have tried and loved the EponaShoe. Whether it be a western event, dressage, trail, endurance, eventing, ranching, or just a pleasure ride; the EponaShoe gives a horse unmatched comfort by simulating the conditions under which horses would naturally maintain their hooves. Scientifically proven and tested to allow the horse to move with more natural biomechanics, EponaShoe benefits the health of the whole horse and may extend the riding career of most performance horses.


Metron-Hoof-Pro is imaging software for use with images of the horse's hoof. Metron stores and organizes images (radiographs, photographs, etc) and has been designed with the farrier or trimmer in mind. Published papers by independent university researchers have tested the Metron system for accuracy and have concluded that it is capable of making accurate and useful measures of the hoof.  No other software system exists which makes these measurements.


The Epona Institute is currently engaged in cutting edge biomechanics and research. We integrate knowledge from different fields including; engineering, mathematics, biology, anatomy. Our research makes it possible to help people "connect the dots", improve relationships between hoof care professionals, owners and clinicians. Ultimately our goals are improving the health, comfort and performance of the horse.

We offer complete hoof care for the Enlightened Horseman! Register for our May 27-28 Ranch Clinic at the Epona Institute, n Paso Robles, CA

Our Six Top Reasons Why EponaShoe is Better for Your Horse.


#1 Shock Absorbs better than Metal


#4 The Bevel at the Toe can be Adjusted


#2 Lightweight


#5 The Frog is Supported


#3 Allows the Hoof to Flex


#6 Nail Damage can be Reduced or Avoided

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