About EponaShoe

EponaShoe is the premier composite shoe for the health and longevity of your horse. The EponaShoe is designed to benefit any horse by using high tech polyurethane materials to create a shoe which can flex with the hoof. It has a built-in softer pad on the sole side to offer healthful natural support while avoiding any pressure points on the frog or sole.

The complex nature in which this shoe is constructed puts EponaShoe in a class of its own. A scientific answer of modern composite polymers make this the most effective flexible shoe design ever. Most polyurethane shoes are either too hard or too soft. Polyurethane shoes that are too hard can cause pressure points under the sole and make some horses sore. This problem is more apparent with composite shoes than with metal because plastic shoes always have a "wider web" than metal shoes - hence, they reach in under the sole further. On the other hand, plastic shoes that are too soft will not hold nails and will not keep their shape. The EponaShoe is the first shoe to solve this problem by using two materials on the "sole side" of the shoe. The EponaShoe is hard and stiff where the nails go, but soft and supportive under the sole.

The nature of EponaShoe makes it the ideal compromise between metal shoeing and barefoot trimming. Unlike metal shoes, which restrict and impede the hoof from flexing, the EponaShoe allows the whole hoof to flex; much like a barefoot horse. Research shows this aids in blood flow and yields a healthier foot. Unlike most plastic shoes which will bend or warp over time, EponaShoe has internal steel stiffeners that aid in maintaining the integrity of the shoe.

In barefoot and feral horses, the frog will come in contact with the ground and bear some weight. EponaShoe offers frog support with the built in pad and allows the frog to bear weight as it would in nature. Traditional shoes lift the frog off the ground, and often the frog will descend to find the ground; causing internal structures to descend with it. The result? Flat feet, remodeling of the pedal bone, and a deteriorated digital cushion.

EponaShoe absorbs shock better than Metal. If you were to hit a metal shoe with a hammer, and then an EponaShoe, you would feel the difference. The EponaShoe absorbs the shock that your horse would otherwise feel on his joints. This is especially important for horses on hard ground, rocks, endurance, or street uses. We like to compare it to a person trying to perform long distance running using a stiff leather dress shoe versus running in Nikes – we think you would chose the running shoe!  And that is what our company is about the right horseshoe for optimum performance.

EponaShoe Founders


Monique Craig has a degree in Computer Science Engineering with a minor in Mathematics and Physics. She was aiming at a PhD in Computational Linguistics at Stanford when she purchased her Holsteiner Stallion, Smirnoff. His Chronic hoof problems made her take a very different direction in her career. Monique is a hoof researcher, farrier, and rider. She teaches and gives seminars on the hoof, trimming, shoeing and equine biomechanics. She is the founder of Metron-Imaging (www.Metron-Imaging.com) and EponaShoe (www.EponaShoe.com) and the Epona-Institute (www.Epona-Institute.org).  She has published scientific papers related to the hoof and soundness, and recently published a book: "A Modern Look at... The Hoof".


John Craig holds a Phd in engineering from Stanford University and is well-known in the robotics community. He is the author of the leading Robotics Textbook used at the university level for teaching the mathematics and mechanical engineering aspects of industrial robots. Robotics is all about joints and motion, and this is directly applicable to equine conformation and motion.

Featured Testimonials

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I just got done using EponaShoes in a rather unusual application. I was serving as an outrider for the Territorial Express stagecoach run from Longview to Olympia, WA (90 miles over 3 days, all of it on pavement.) Quite possibly these shoes saved my horse from being lamed because the pace was much faster than I had been led to expect. My horse moved beautifully in them, they stayed on tight and the shoes offered good traction, even going downhill. Your instructional video was great and my farrier had no problem nailing the shoes on.
— Ken Morris, Owner, OR.
I love your product and recommend it highly to all of my horse colleagues. I consider it the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING I’ve ever done for the health and well-being of my horse. I will never put another pair of iron shoes on him again.
— Pam Cox, Owner, CA.
My test case for EponaShoes is an Akhal Teke mare with severe founder due to retained placenta. She was rotated 20+ degrees and had very little foot to work with. She has been wearing EponaShoes for 6 months with improvement at every reset. EponaShoes are great for protecting P3 and absorbing concussion while a hoof heals itself. With increased activity and blood flow, she is growing healthy hoof to work with. The mare’s owner joyfully reports trotting and cantering, an improvement from painful hobbling a few months ago.
— Ruthie Thompson-Klein, Farrier, WA.
I put then on my own horse who has a slightly dropped coffin bone, club feet and thin soles and hoof wall. He has been very comfortable in the shoe and so I will start using it in my farrier business.
— Rusty Harrington, Farrier, Seattle, WA.

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